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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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I don't really get the righteous indignation aspect. IUniverse is a poor service. Fire them and hire a competent service to generate the text pdf file. Or work with one of the thousands of small custom publishers in the US. There are many folks who work with their authors, talk with their authors and care about their authors right here in the US. Hire one.


Fire them, after investing a large amount of time and money in getting it right, which cannot be retrieved?

The righteous indignation is mostly a way of bestowing consequences on a poor service and giving it notice to shape up, otherwise warning others away from it. At this point it's a poor service that is actively courting and soliciting customers and then mistreating them.

I do think that it's a dead giveaway when the only "contact us" feature a company has is its sales arm.

Do you have a press, or a directory, to recommend?

Rhoda Maxwell

Try Publishers Graphics. Very reliable and not costly. Easy to work with and helpful.


Thank you!

C. White

I used iUniverse to publish my book a year ago. I didn't have any technical problems, and my Publishing Consultant was responsive to my emails. But it was very clear to me that this is a business that is in the business of making money through POD publishing. They are in control of the entire process. The deadlines they set for the author put me in the position of feeling like I needed to purchase their additional services. In other words, I felt pressured when, in fact, I hired a company to provide a service. If I publish again, I might as well save some money and hire a printer.


Yes. They're also very focused on signing people up, much less so on having the wherewithal to give all those people good service and get them to return. I think they're measuring their success right now in purely bottom-line terms, and as long as they can keep attracting fresh blood, it doesn't matter if they lose repeat customers. That's why it seems important to me to spread the word -- to hold their feet to the fire, or if that doesn't work, warn writers to go another route.

Charles Muller

I agree totally with the opinions expressed above. iUniverse used to be a user-friendly POD publisher that gave efficient, prompt and personalized service, with a good-quality product. I had well over 150 books published through them over the last seven years before the take-over by Author Solutions. Since then emails are generally ignored and books have taken months, if ever, to appear. I cancelled two accounts on behalf of authors and asked for the fees to be refunded - the accounts were closed and the refunds never appeared, and my follow-up emails ignored. How iUniverse manages to survive now in today's credit-crunch atmosphere is beyond me. Which is why I have abandoned the service offered by iUniverse and now publish under my own imprint of Diadem Books. However, if you are seeking an inexpensive, efficient and reliable POD publhser, have a look at


Thank you for the recommendation. I'll check out Spiderwize, but will come see what you're up to at Diadem first!

Oscar Bamuhigire

I am having a lot of problems with iuniverse and its poor services. Dealing with iuniverse is, like you said, very frustrating. I have one big problem after another in my dealings with them. When I thought all my troubles were over, I was shocked to receive two test copies, which had terrible book covers. I have never seen a book with such a bad cover. The colors were all mixed up, and the text, plus cover photo were misplaced! I would have expected this kind of thing to happen in the third world, but to be honest, books published in Uganda and Bangladesh are pf a much higher quality!

The worst part of dealing with iuniverse is that they are rude and unprofessional. I have written to the vice president, CEO, and many consultants about the poor covers of my books, and they have all ignored me. I have even written to the CEO/ Vice presidents of authorssolution, and authors house, but they are all silent about the issue.

And as if that were not bad enough, the only guy who had the courage to reply said that this was the first time they had ever had a problem like this!!!

It is obvious that what iuniverse writes on its website, is miles apart from what it actually offers. I would not advise any writer to risk invest his money in iuniverse. I wonder why no one had sued it yet! As a matter of fact, each of us who has had serious problems with iuniverse should not blame anyone for our suffering, because by choosing not to take any legal action against them, we are reinforcing their unprofessional behavior. So, I suggest, lets get together and take some serious legal action, seeking for compensatory and punitive damages.

Oscar Bamuhigire
E mail: obamuhigire@yahoo


Greetings All,

WOW!!! I am so tripped out. Reading this blog has put a knot in my belly the size of a soccer ball. I am in the process of having my book published through Author House.

I can only hope that I will have better results. I am mindful of the other suggestions and companies mentioned, though.

Writing is such a rewarding practice, it is such a shame that those affected negatively have had to go through what you have. I encourage you all to continue to speak out and stand up. Surely, if my book isn't what I have envisioned, you can add me to your list of soldiers for the down fall of Authorhouse!

W.Addison Gast

Was Xlibris purchased by Authorhouse???? I had two books printed there only because of a bargan ( I thought) "two-fer-one" deal. They stack the deck on sales of your book by the $29.00 and $19.00 retail price they hang on your work.The other pitfall is, Xlibris does not print paperbacks in the smaller "airport" size where 63% of the market is.


I recently did everything on my book, and the typesetting on a mac, and used ipages. Converted it to a PDF. (lots of great samples out there that you can play around with and change)
I had it professionally edited for grammer etc, four friends read it found typos, and a kid, and still after I got back the first proof found small typos, little things that one only reads on paper.
Three proofs later, for only ($3.71 plus shipping on, it's damn near perfect and going to print. Do it yourself and take your time, seeing it as a book helped via reading it on a computer. Create a buzz on line and then take it to the next level. A good book doesn't die, just the effort to get it out there.

Oscar Bamuhigire

I had my book pubished by iUniverse more than a year ago, but I have never received my royalties. They keep telling me that they have sent my check, when in reality they haven't! I really think they are a scam!!!

M Kienholz

I have had the following published by iUniverse: Strange Medicine (I liked the cover and was satisfied with the typesetting); Opium Traders and Their Worlds (long, difficult project, in which I had to split the text into two volumes, but otherwise, fine work); Adventures in Poetry (Excellent job). I don't like the constant pressure to buy expensive promos and fair exhibits, etc., and when I paid on March 9 this year to put Opium Traders on Kindle, only volume one has appeared on Kindle. I have attempted to get action to put volume two on, since I paid for it four months ago ... wish me luck. I also wonder if my royalties are being retained, as my books show up for sale by "second hand" stores and I haven't sold that many books, etc.
M. Kienholz

Snafu the Elder

iUniverse came on like roses and over time turned into a gollum creature-greedy, deceitful, full of empty promises. Writer beware! Stay away from iUniverse and find a publisher with a sterling reputation.

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