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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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This had better be good. I've torn myself away from a mini-marathon of "House."


"Can I call you Joe?" Good move.


I'm at the fire station ... and a TV ... for this one. And I'm about ready to go back to House.


Althouse just posted "8:27: I'll bet a lot of people are tuning out about now, satisfied that Palin is competent and smart, but pretty bored."


Amba-- pretty, witty... all that matters is that u're u.


Either they're both doing well or I'm so tired I don't know the difference anymore.


She's getting to him a tad. I think she's got a good memory.


They made it through the debate, and so did we.




Oh!! Amba? For someone that has a full plate- you hit on all cylinders!! Thank you.


Palin: "Government, get out of my way

Or as Tina Fey will put it, "Government, shoo! Get outta here."


Amba! Magnificent live-blogging! Put your feet up, here have some soup! Maybe a knish! A cold compress! Thanks for doing so well...

Donna B.

Really, Amba, an excellent live debate post. I tried doing it in 2004 and simply could not. It's hard.

Biden really is a likable guy, whether you agree with him or not.

(He's sort of like Texas weather -- if you don't agree with him now, just wait a while, he'll have another opinion!)

I thought they both did okay.

RW Rogers

In the end, people don't vote the bottom of the ticket but the top. After tonight, there is no reason to expect them to act any different this time. As VP candidates go, Palin did what she was supposed to do, which was do no harm, sound credible while not doing it, and get in a few jabs at the opposition. Both nominees met that standard. McCain's shortcomings as a candidate and the tattered reputation of the Bush Administration when combined with the current economic climate pose what I believe are insurmountable obstacles to a McCain victory. The sad truth is that people like Michael Reynolds have stooped to non-stop slander, character assassination, and morally bankrupt insinuations for no legitimate purpose. Long-term, it is to be hoped that whatever remains of their reputations suffers as a result of their imprudent invective.

michael Reynolds


Your analysis of the race is correct. Your attack on me has the failing I often observe in my children: a convenient confusion of time sequence.

The right wing had gone to all-attack, all the time long, long, long before I wrote my first unkind word about McCain. As demonstrated pretty convincingly, I sat on my doubts about McCain's mental sharpness for six months. Even after conservative blogger Rick Moran said the same things I was sensing, I didn't post.

This was a war started by the Republicans, Randy. Not by me. I have spent years saying complimentary things about McCain. More so than the average conservative blog.

Long before I said an unkind word about McCain or had even heard of Palin I was on StubbornFacts and Rightwingnuthouse asking them when they would let up on their endless, obsessive attacks on Obama and actually say something nice about their own candidate.

Even today these blogs barely have a kind word for McCain and spend all their time blasting Obama.

The same has been largely true even of this blog, I'm sorry to say.

Attack Obama, attack Obama, attack Obama, and when fire is finally returned, people like you, Randy, star squealing. Exactly like my kids who get very very upset over the unfortunately unidimensional relationship between cause and effect.

As you sow, so shall you reap. Decades of Atwater and Rove and their lesser blogospheric acolytes. And now you bust out the tears. Boo hoo, those mean Democrats. Spare me.


Maybe guys like Michael Reynolds are just envious because they can't be Todd Palin .

RW Rogers

As you sow, so shall you reap. Here's hoping you do.

You never engage on issues Michael. Only personalities. Either the candidates or the person on a blog you disagree with. It's always about denigrating the opponent.


"McCain's shortcomings as a candidate and the tattered reputation of the Bush Administration when combined with the current economic climate pose what I believe are insurmountable obstacles to a McCain victory."

Only if you don't vote for them, RW. ;0)


"Maybe guys like Michael Reynolds are just envious because they can't be Todd Palin ."

A perfect example of what Michael has described. Sad.

michael Reynolds



I have been consistently complimentary of Callimachus who I disagreed with all the time. With Rick Moran, likewise. I've never shown anything but respect for Annie with whom I disagree on a whole host of issues including the presidential campaign. I have the highest regard for Dave Schuler who is certainly to the right of me. Transplanted Lawyer and I get along great although he's for McCain.

On the other side, I've never had a kind word for MoveOn.

Your point is factually incorrect. Feel free to check with any of the people I mentioned.


Michael, I'm afraid that you just don't understand. Perhaps you are incapable of it?

If you act like your idol (Mencken) and are caustic about both sides, then obviously you are not being fair. Because if you don't follow the "correct" line, you are, by definition, unfair. And when you take exception to those who attempt, in all good heart, to correct your unfairness, you are doubly unfair. Why can't you understand that, and just roll over???


Biden says no one making under $240,000 a year got any kind of tax break under Bush.

Wow, I didn't know I made more than $240,000 dollars a year! But I must have, because I benefitted from Bush tax cuts. Damn, now I want to know who stole all my money....

RW Rogers

Mentioning a couple of rare exceptions to your behavior in recent months does nothing more than highlight your dishonest and hypocritical nature Michael.

RW Rogers

If anyone is watching the House vote today, you might enjoy playing Banker Bingo while listening to various commentators.


To me, the question is whether we will be able to recover from the mutual vituperation. Whoever is elected, will there be gracious winners and gracious losers? Will there be any hope of reaching across the wound in the body politic some on both sides have been happily hacking away at? We can't go on as we have under the baby-boomer presidents -- one- sided limping along, crippled by dragging a hostile parasitic twin.

RW Rogers

Here's a gem from last night's debate that some people would prefer no one talk about. After 35 years in the Senate, Joe Biden still doesn't know the answer. Biden's foreign policy record shouldn't inspire confidence either.


Only in the last minutes does Biden start talking about judicial philosophy and his opposition to Bork.

Opposition to Bork - it's good to see that the Obama/Biden ticket is all about THE FUTURE, and isn't concerned about refighting battles from decades ago. Thank God for new blood.

RW Rogers

I agree that there is much to be concerned about WRT both Obama's and Biden's stated positions on judicial appointments, Otis. But we're not supposed to talk about such things.


Here's a gem from last night's debate that some people would prefer no one talk about. After 35 years in the Senate, Joe Biden still doesn't know the answer.

This shouldn't be a surprise. Biden is a complete idiot. I don't think he ever had all that many higher cognitive functions, but any brain cells used for those purposes were clearly destroyed when they dug too deep for the hair plugs.


It's refreshing to see Democrats not roll over for a change.


" Will there be any hope of reaching across the wound in the body politic?.." Nope. Or at least not as long as either side is seeing the opposition as a "hostile parasitic twin" or regards any discerning views as a manifestation of a [negative epithet of your choice] nature.

RW Rogers

The big news today will probably be House passage of the bailout bill, but the more important news may end up being Wells Fargo's purchase of Wachovia without federal guarantees. Citibank had previously agreed to purchase it provided it received massive amounts of federal aid and now it is complaining about not getting something for next to nothing at taxpayer expense. And so it goes....


...and so I will be turning my house upside-down for stuff to sell on eBay or give to thrift shops for the deduction.


RWR: without you, I, for one, wouldn't know anything. Your links are a daily education.

RW Rogers

There have been some interesting stories abut AIG this week. The Telegraph had a story yesterday about the French government, concerned that its entire financial system was on the brink, begging the US government for the AIG deal. AIG has reportedly used almost $62 billion of their guarantees and are now paying it back down. Story today that the company will actually emerge as a going concern, albeit a much smaller one focused entirely on traditional insurance operations. Don't have time to look for the links at the moment, but it is a fascinating sidenote that may bode well for the entire bailout scheme WRT: time & money involved.


I'll say. That was quick.

RW Rogers

OTOH, the story about California (and others) possibly needing a giant federal helping hand through Christmas is a real concern, according to some informed sources I've heard from.

RW Rogers

Finally, take a look for news about Greece and Ireland guaranteeing deposits in their countries within the past couple of days. The problem with that is that they are part of the Euro zone and such guarantees aren't supposed to be part of the package. Other countries are not happy. A number of giant European banks in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK have failed this past week. (The average European bank is three to 5 times more leveraged than the average US bank.)


Will there be any hope of reaching across the wound in the body politic some on both sides have been happily hacking away at?

Well, there's always hope, but we seem to be in the midst of a cold civil war and I suspect it will take a generation or two to get over it.

The two sides are mostly not talking to each other this year. At my church, except for a couple flare-ups of Palin bashing and an earnest appeal from the pastor that everyone should work for a candidate instead of huddling away in their cliques, blogs and email lists vituperating, political discussion has ceased.

I find AmbivaBlog interesting in that it is one of the few places I've seen where there is more or less decent conversation with representation on both sides.

For a humorous example of one of my visits to a blue blog, see David Brin's blog. Once upon a time I loved Brin's science fiction.


Hux: maybe you need to find a new church??

Actually, I have to admire you for not doing so.


Amba -- I fell in love with my church at a writer's retreat the church sponsored. I was astonished by how many bright, creative, and kind people were members, so I started attending and eventually became a member myself. It is a very special place with a beautiful building and an amazing liturgy.

Although it is also a predominately progressive place, it has resisted--because there are a few highly placed conservative members--becoming an explicitly leftist church.

Truth to tell, I am a social liberal, still progressive. If I went to a church that lined up with my Republican stances, I would still feel out of place.

I've invested several years at my church, I have not been shunned as I have been in other progressive venues, so I may as well stay.


Huxley, why would you like Brin's writing any less now? Just ignore the politics.

But it's funny that Brin seems to think that Goldwater Republicans will suddenly become Obama Scoialists if THEY JUST PULL THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND! BUSH EVIL! OBAMA MESSIAH! KUMBAYA, MOTHERFUCKERS!

Steve Kzarzki

I just thought the moderator didn't do a good job yday. period.

Btw, I just read another blog on yday's debate that I thought was brilliant. Check it out if you get a chance


Huxley, why would you like Brin's writing any less now? Just ignore the politics.

Outis -- I can do that with many of my favorite artists, e.g. Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones, Lou Reed, Patti Smith. I can still enjoy Alec Baldwin in "Hunt for Red October" and Matt Damon in the Bourne movies.

But in Brin's books there was a such a strong message of rational collegiality, of uplifting others or saving civilization because it was the liberal, decent thing to do, that when I encountered Brin in person as a hissing, spitting, take-no-prisoners ideologue, it was just too jarring. I couldn't relate that person to my idealized image of the author of the Uplift books.

Plus that was one of the worst personal attacks, by Brin and his fanboy acolytes, I have experienced online.

KUMBAYA, MOTHERFUCKERS! ... about sums Brin up. Thanks for the laugh!



LOL. I want that on a T-shirt! Hey Outis, fuck employment! Entrepreneurship! You could team up with RW and his bracelets for foreclosed families . . . (sorry, Karen).

Seriously, we could use some funny politiphernalia.

Huxley: Geez, you're as mixed up as I am! (In your own way, I hasten to add.)


Huxley, I guess I get what you're saying. But I still separate the books from the person. (And the Uplift books were damned good. The first trilogy, anyway.)

Amba, right now I'm getting physically ill everytime I see a politician on TV, so I'm not cut out for that. Besides RW and I could never work together, as he thinks I'm somewhat worse than Michael Reynolds. I just don't think he realizes that I used to be someone else.

RW Rogers

Outis: You're right and you're wrong.


Are you freaking kidding me? Worse than Michael? Lord, i pegged you for both living in neighbouring cardboard boxes(my funny paradigm-ing). RW- why?

on the 2nd note-- i think i've always known, as well, but-- i always reserve the right to be wrong(noted in the box thing, above).



The "right and wrong" is confusing. I presume Randy means that I'm correct that we can't work together. I don't know what the "wrong" is: Am I wrong that he thinks I'm worse than Reynolds, or is it that he does know I used to be Icepick?

Karen, Randy has accused me of being nothing more than a partisan hack. What's funny is that right now he's more partisan than I am, as I dislike the candidates (and parties) almost equally at the moment. I tend to talk about Obama more because I'm just tired of McCain. He's been a part of my political awareness for 20 years or so. He's dull. On this I agree with Reynolds: Obama is the exciting new flavor! Of course, I think Obama's a mix of New Coke and vomit, while Reynolds believes that Obama is an expensive martini. (Note: I hate martinis, too.)


Odd, Outis, since I think you and Randy basically agree on being disgusted by both parties but marginally more so by the Democrats.

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