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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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Are you actually trying to say here that the Dems used more manipulation to get the U.S. into World War II than Bush and his cohorts did to get us into Iraq?

Yes. Because of our reaction to the First World War, the US was more isolationist pre-WWII than we were before the Iraq conflict. But FDR was far more interested in helping Britain than was the American public.

Are you also comparing the two wars and saying that Iraq is somehow a nobler cause than fighting the Nazis?!
Nope. I leave 'noble causes' to Pre-Civil War Moralists.

What was the trickery?
Say it with me: Lend-Lease.
Just for starters.

Do you think Pearl Harbor was some FDR-ordered conspiracy?
No, that's wacky. But we turned the screws up on the Japanese by our refusal to sell them oil.


_I_ certainly can't say I approve of your decision. (Not that my approval has any meaning!) But I couldn't approve of voting for Obama either. Unlike Dave Shuler (and others) I think that both will likely be disasters. This too shall pass, but it's gonna be a long four years.


I hope some day you will have to acknowledge you were wrong in this election, but from the perspective of someone who has come to appreciate the President Obama you voted against, rather than revile President McCain you voted for.


That does it for me: I'm voting for Outis.


Of course, Obama's "Truth Squads" sound scarier and scarier. No criticism allowed! What is he going to do when he has the DOJ at his beck and call?

Almost is bad as what they're doing (and seriously, watch the embedded video, it's incredible) is either the arrogance or stupidity to use Orwellian language for such a Big Brotherish bit of thuggery. Hell, Obama is already worse than Nixon ever got, and he's rapidly approaching Wilsonian territory.

As to Jason and his claims that McCain was disrespectful of Obama - Why SHOULD McCain be respectful of Obama?

Obama has called McCain a coward. "[McCain] won't even follow bin Laden to his cave!"

Obama has accused McCain of running a racist campaign.

Obama won't even give McCain the respect of using his title. (The use of first names in formal settings is a way to belittle someone. You would think a black man in America would know that.)

Obama has accused McCain of being a traitor. "McCain says, 'Country first!' Well, it's fair to ask, which country?"

Obama has mocked McCain's war injuries. Even Joe Biden thought that was a low blow, and this is the first time Biden has ever shown any real shame at all.

So, please, tell me: Why SHOULD McCain respect Obama? Why should anyone respect Obama?


Ally, given Obama's Orwellian predisposition, what makes you think any of Obama's critics will survive his Presidency?

And Meade, vote for Outis this November. No one appreciates your vote like Outis.

For that matter, always vote for Outis, for every position in every juridiction. It's the only reasonable thing to do.


I just watched the video, Outis, and unless I'm missing something, you are grossly distorting what's going on. Please correct me if you have further evidence. This is a typical local TV news piece, very sloppy and unclear (I'm a former print journalist and am biased against TV news). But it sounds to me as though the Obama campaign is enlisting prosecutors and law enforcement folks who support Obama to go around and correct distortions and rumors. It doesn't sound like they're being used in their official capacities, but rather as people of influence and credibility. If you're basing your assertions on this story alone, then you're reading way too much into it.


Well, I think you miss the point. Stand before the ballot and think--not about age, or race, or psychology, or Arizona vs Hyde Park, but THINK: what do YOU want for the future of the entire globe, your--and our--nation, your nieces and nephews, and all the unknown children all over who are really part of our big responsibility? What do you want? And then believe that the vote you cast is important and will resonate down the years.

Love, Mom


Ally, bother of Annie, I hope you won't some day have to acknowledge with regret turning a blind eye to the nature of Senator Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, unrepentant former terrorist who declared war on the United States and celebrated our nation's defeat in Viet Nam, a defeat which prolonged the Cold War and led to the genocide of millions of Southeast Asians.


Is it 11 months, Ruth Anne? Wasn't it, like, spring? God, I must really be getting old.

Cousin Bob

Hi Mom!

I've thought. And I've thought. Boy, have I thought!

What I want is a cranky old bastard who will kick ass when the time comes.

Resonate this!!

Yer lovin' child,
Cousin Bob


"In fact, patriotism, a common American culture, immigration, diversity, proud strength and forward-looking openness are not irreconcilable and are all necessary American values!"

Oh dear... McCain's presidency will sure get us there...


McCain on immigration? Not your typical Republican.


Obama's lawyers have threatned stations that run anti-Obama ads. They've implied that they will loose their licenses. I might be more forgiving if they hadn't already threatened to have people prosecuted for running anti-Obama ads. When they actually have control of the DOJ why wouldn't they use that power to shut down critics? They're already trying, and they're not even in office yet.

And do you really not understand how intimidating it is to have a cop or a prosecutor show up and say, "Do you know that you've been LYING about my candidate?"

RW Rogers

Annie, President Obama is going to take care of you just like he took care of all those people when he was a community organizer. He'll even arrange housing for you just like he did here. If you're very lucky, it will still be standing at the end of his two terms unlike some of these. I think these are the ones Obama arranged for convicted felon Rezko and friends to buy for $1 and later sell for tens of thousands after diverting all maintenance money into their own pockets.



I am quaking in my boots that an Obama presidency will herald a return of the Weather Underground, or perhaps even their elevation to militia status. If you'll admit that's a longshot, I'll admit that an eventual Palin presidency probably won't lead to a theocracy (mosty because she's so inept anarchy would be more likely).

Also, it's a funny typo that you called me "bother of Annie."


Yes, excellent typo, Freudian slip, or whatever it was! :)


Oh dear... McCain's presidency will sure get us there...

I don't think anyone's presidency is going to get us there. Somehow, though, we seem to get wherever we're going.

And I was wondering when somebody was going to notice "bother of Annie" too, but I was afraid everyone would say "Everything's a joke with you, Melinda!" so I didn't.


Ha! Complete typo. But a funny one, I agree.

Ally, why do you think Senator Obama has downplayed his relationship with Ayers and Dohrn? Why not point with pride to his work with Ayers and to what they achieved together on the Woods Fund Board and the Annenberg Challenge?

Has Sarah Palin worked closely with unrepentant theocrats and anarchists? If she has, I think we would agree that she would owe us an explanation?

(Now I'm off to bed and won't brother you anymore tonight.)


Oy, I cannot believe the incessant drumbeat about Bill Ayers. Forgetting the fantastic work I believe Ayers has done in education and other areas since those challenging, awful times FORTY YEARS AGO, do you really think that McCain is completely free of alliances with people whose past actions or politics you would deplore? Do you think anyone is? BILL AYERS IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! (But it's possible that if he did some day, he'd get my vote. Does that make me a terrorist?)


See, Danny, you have no fear of Communist revolutionaries (which Ayers pretty nearly still regards himself to be). Others have no fear of theocrats. It's another interesting way to look at the division in the country.

Donna B.

no... no. Not a terrorist, Danny.


Well, I think you miss the point. Stand before the ballot and . . . THINK: what do YOU want for the future of the entire globe, your--and our--nation, your nieces and nephews, and all the unknown children all over . . .

Mom, the implication there seems to be that if I really did that, really thought, I'd come to the right conclusion and not the wrong one. Eh?


" you really think that McCain is completely free of alliances with people whose past actions or politics you would deplore?"

John McCain has deplored some of his own deplorable past actions. He has not been afraid to deplore actions and policies of his own party and leaders he's been allied with (use of torture in war).

No, Danny, it would not make you a terrorist to vote for Bill Ayers for president. It would, however, make you a fool.


If Annie will indulge me, I'd like to ask Obama supporters here: How far left would Barack Obama have to be to be too far left for you to vote for him?


Kudos. This made me very happy to read.


Here's how far left some people think he is. (Via Karen and the Anchoress) If it sounds like paranoid conspiracy theory to you, and you think many or some of these people have grown up and outgrown their radicalism, consider at the very least that Obama needed about a decade's more distance from them to qualify genuinely as mainstrea.


I'm hoping you'll post on this, but I'm going to jump the gun:

I think there's no way Sarah Palin does anything but help herself in the debate. If she gets trounced, it will reflect badly on Biden. If she's anything better than awful, it will be seen as a triumph.

I'll bet she's in a position where she can do no wrong.


You know, if anything is going to make me vote for the Democrat, it's going to be conservatives telling me I'm some kind of mental defective if I vote for the Democrat.

And remember, conservatives, that this is why a lot of people voted for Bush four years ago: They were tired of liberals telling them they were stupid if they voted for Bush.

P.S.: I eat arugula.


For the record, i just thought that illustration of the comings and goings of B. Obama's political life would be of interest. I'm not voting for him because of his politics-- not his political buddies/associates, etc. I thought it was an interesting thing to view.

Melinda-- you do as you've i mind to. I love your thoughts&jokes and wish i could hear a stand up done by you. I've only heard ~The Logger~, Rusty DeWees.


If she's anything better than awful, it will be seen as a triumph.

David, isn't this what they refer to as "The soft bigotry of low expectations"?


David: I am completely exhausted by having actually made a decision. (No, they're not all that hard.) At the moment I'm kind of like, "Whatever," about the VP debate. I'll get over it by Thursday, and will no doubt liveblog. I'm already wincing in anticipation of the performances of BOTH candidates.

Melinda: Everybody on both sides has been pretty restrained so far in either congratulating or reproaching me. Makes me proud of my commenters. (By now, of course, most people feel it's not a joyous decision either way.)


Annie, yes, most of the comments on this thread have been civilized and thoughtful on both sides, which is why I didn't say anything until now. So a lot of it is my impression from other blogs, sites, etc. (Although there was that comment about "the despised self." Does that mean that if I vote for the Democrat, it's because I despisemyself?)

There are going to be as many reasons for people's choices this November as there are fingerprints. We're all just trying to predict the future because we're all afraid of it to some extent, even those of us who dismiss fears of both a Commie take-over and a theocracy.

Also, our choices can't help but drag some of our own individual pasts into the picture in some way, whether it's Hyde Park or Queens.


I really asked for it with my comment about voting for Bill Ayers' for President. I regretted that the second I pressed "post." The funny thing is, I really DO work hard to be open to all sides when I comment on this site and to refrain from frothing at the mouth...and yet I can't stop frothing. We are a polarized nation, that's for sure, and I have a lot of respect for your attempts to avoid the partisan hysteria.

I went to that link above and trudged through it. A difficult read and to my eyes full of all sorts of conspiracy babble. Not to dismiss these concerns and connections with a simple wave of my liberal hand, but the article did nothing to convince me that Barack Obama has some secret RADICAL EXTREME LEFTIST agenda. I do not believe that's the case. I realize that others are troubled by these connections as I am troubled by connections the Republican candidates have to extreme radical conservative groups.

I don't mean to be an apologist for Bill Ayers but I just grow weary of these labels that always accompany his name, especially reading them HERE: "unrepentant terrorist" and "SDS bomber" while ignoring everything he's done during the past 40 years and twisting his words about those difficult times. When he said in his book that he feels he "didn't do enough" back then, that was interpreted by many as he didn't BOMB enough and he has explained over and over and over again since the book was published that this was NOT what he meant. Sitting here today in 2008, I am absolutely horrified by some of the violent actions of the Weathermen and other Radical Left organizations but I do not judge Bill Ayers today exclusively on those actions from this period of his life.

But we all tend to see things through the lenses that we put before our eyes. I just heard an example on NPR of Joe Biden putting his foot squarely in his mouth during some off-the-cuff talk he was giving the other day. In comparing Bush's response to the economic crisis to the reaction of the government following the 1929 stock market crash, Biden said that Roosevelt went on TV and reassured the American people. Um...except Roosevelt wasn't President in 1929 and there was no TV. If Sarah Palin had said something so stupid I'd probably write a whole blog post about it, declaring her the biggest ignoramus on the planet. When I heard Biden say it, I winced and thought he was just overtired, still believing he has a much better grasp on history than she does despite the gaffe. So there you have it.


Well said, Danny.


Meade, I don't know if I count as an Obama supporter, exactly. But to answer your question (at 9:23 this morning): If Obama was even half as far left of center as Palin is right of center, I'd have to think real hard about whether to vote for him.

Obviously that depends on where one thinks the "center" is. For what it's worth, I think I'm moderately conservative. Less right of center than Obama is left of center, but definitely on the right.


Karen: I looked up "The Logger" Rusty DeWees after you posted that, because I'd never heard of the guy. He's one of those regional acts that the people from his region love but that nobody outside has heard of. I checked out his blog and his post about his cat. I laughed.

wj: Good answer. It does depend on where you think the center is. For the record, I took one of those quizzes where "0" was as liberal as Jessie Jackson, "20" was Colin Powell and "40" was Ronald Reagan. I scored a "19."

So apparently, the center is one point to the right of me.


Thanks for your answer, wj. Sounds like you might be fairly close to Sen. McCain on the political spectrum. If this was a race between Obama and Palin, I'd be hard pressed not to vote for Obama.

"P.S.: I eat arugula."
Hey, Melinda, I grow arugula.
We can do business!

Danny, I appreciate your honest thoughtful reply, nicely expressed. I agree with amba that Obama needs another ten years to, among other things, get some distance from the likes of Bill Ayers. If he were to do that, I could imagine voting for him in 2020.


Here's how far left some people think he is. (Via Karen and the Anchoress)

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.


Meade, what I think I'm close to is the John McCain I remember from 2000. But unfortunately that's not the man I am seeing this year.

To some degree (and I admit it's imperfect) I have to judge people by who they decide to appoint to positions, and how well I think those people are qualified to do the job. (See, for example, some of the peoople the George Bush has nominated for various positions - and there are enough to get a feel for patterns, not just possibly anomalous individuals.)

All of which means that my opinion of Palin and her qualifications bleeds over into my opinion of McCain. Specifically, to what I observe that he values, and where he stands on the issues that I care about. Those issues, in a Presidential election, are about things that the Federal government should and can do something about: primarily foreign policy and national economic policy (and ignoring positions on social issues, which belong closer to home).


One problem with those on-line evaluations, Meade. They simply have no consistency. I've been rated variously liberal to very conservative, depending on who was asking which question -- and what they felt the answers meant. The closest I get to a consistent pattern is "lean libertarian" as a modification of the essential position, when that is included.


wj, I strongly agree with you that the proper role of the Federal government should not include social issues. Let the People work those out for themselves, at state and local levels, within the boundaries of the Constitution.

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