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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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Perfect post. You describe exactly what I am feeling lately re: Hillary. I was also forwarded the Robin Morgan piece recently. There was so much rage in it I became weary. And that's what Hillary does for me lately. She makes me weary.

Ruth Anne

Look at all these candidates without their most notable quality and judge who's better:

Obama without his blackness [I might be voting for the white half the Merchant of Venice...the pound of flesh without a drop of blood.]

Hillary without her femaleness.

McCain without his POWness.

Huckabee without his Ministerialness.

Paul without his dotty uncle in the atticness.

Now which one is most suited to be CinC?


Beautifully written, Amba! Worry not about being ambivalent; it's in your blog's title, no?

Peter Hoh

Hillary loses to McCain. No way around it.


If i hear Hillary one more time, saying to a church congregation: "Today is the day that the Lord hath made..." - i'm going to puke.

I like Huckabee and i feel that he and she could not be more different from eachother as persons, w/out the trappings of skin, sex or supposition of character.

If Hillary is to be the next CinC- so it be. I'll support her because i'm an American. As for affect on me in being a woman= she sucks the sun from my world. Why would i want to visualize her as anything connected to me female-wise in boundry-breaking ground?

In my very un-informed way, i don't think Hillary has ever really done a thing that would let her relate to the average, "common" woman off the street. Not in her adult life, anyway. She's been a politician since the Governor's mansion in Arkansas, hasn't she? I cannot relate to her Presidetial potential(or even really see it)because of a very close to manical gleam in her eye that signals to me-- instability.

"When will women be freed from the impossible balancing act that somehow men escape?" This makes me think of a comment left on your post about the single, soul seeking females(i forget who left it- a fella did)- about his friends regretting making "the family decision"-- that it seemed they were willing slaves to something they allowed, chose and created.

Meaning: maybe we each(gender)have our own walls to leap and that the more differeces we have, the more alike we really are?

Rambling this morning:0).


I love the names on Robin Morgan's Blog Roll. I'm gonna get a radical feminist nickname. How about "The Crone Ranger?"

Personally, I had enough of people like that telling me what to do by the time I was 19 and trying not to be known as "Joey's Girlfriend." It was just another set of bullies getting in my face.


I don't care who wins. No one is saying anything different and now it's just a popularity contest. Everyone is going to vote based on whether they like a candidate's personality and whether they match on race or sex.

I think either Clinton, Obama or McCain would do a reasonably good job as president, but how things go will depend mostly on factors beyond their control.

There is not a single issue I can think of that will make me want to vote for one or the other.


So you're not going to vote, real?


This is the most fair post I've read. I too am ambivalent about Sen. Clinton, but I don't knock her for her connections (i.e., riding on coattails)--men do that to, or even ambition--it takes ambition to want to be President of the United States. It's the other liabilities you mention that trouble me coupled with a real tendency by both Clintons to make expedient promises to others that are tossed aside once they get where they want to be.


I note one more thing, have you noticed the press regulary refers to "Mrs." Clinton but to "Sen." Obama. Say whatever you want, she is Sen. Clinton, and I think this type of thing shows something of how we're sometimes not all operating on the ground floor.


Good, good point. Thank you.


Several of my friends have received these offensive emails telling them of their obligation to vote for Hillary. I think this tactic is backfiring terribly, at least among the people I know. If Clinton does make it to the Presidency (a possibility that is diminishing by the second), I will be excited by the history-making fact of a woman in that office, but trying to shame people into voting for her is not the way to go, I find those emails positively infuriating. The good news is that I think some barrier HAS been crossed and that it will never again be such a big deal to see a woman or African-American vying for that job. (I wonder when that bridge will be crossed with a Jewish or Hispanic candidate.)


"So you're not going to vote, real?"

Yes of course I will vote. But I just don't feel any preference at all, and I can't think of any reason to have any preference. I guess I like all 3. I did not like Romney or Edwards, but I did like Huckabee.

I just can't allow myself to get excited at the thought of a black or female president. Race and gender are not something we choose or accomplish.

Of course I will vote for someone. Maybe if I become more informed over the year I will get inspired. Right now I don't know what any of them stand for except doing a good job and trying to correct the currently outstanding problems.

I don't see anything drastically wrong with any of the top 3. Unless Obama still smokes, which really would bother me. I think the reason it bothers me are legitimate -- health is one of the top concerns right now, and we need a leader who appreciates that lifestyle has become more critical than ever.


"(I wonder when that bridge will be crossed with a Jewish or Hispanic candidate.)"

Barry Goldwater 1964
Joseph Lieberman 2000
Bill Richardson 2008


There have been some unfair characterizations of Sen. Clinton. But when people get exercised about her laugh being called (sometimes) "a cackle", they might recall that Gov. Dean had his shout in Iowa called "the scream". Did him more harm than this has done her.

In short, every politician is going to get some irritating over-simplifications of what they do. Just as they will over what they say. Comes with the territory. It's a better case to only bring up the extreme examples, not every little irritation. But I guess if someone is feeling desperate enough, every straw needs to be grasped.

P.S. As Peter notes above, against McCain, Clinton will lose. Against Romney, she might have had a shot; against Huckabee or Guiliani, she would have been in great shape. But that isn't how things turned out.


"(I wonder when that bridge will be crossed with a Jewish or Hispanic candidate.)"

Barry Goldwater 1964
Joseph Lieberman 2000
Bill Richardson 2008

Well, okay, but Barry Goldwater was Episcopalian even though his dad was Jewish (a fact he denied for a while). He in no way considered himself Jewish.

Lieberman is an observant Jew but I still say being Jewish would create a lot of problems for a Presidential candidate in the current climate.

And I wonder if Richardson's Mexican heritage would pose more of a problem for him in national politics if he had a Hispanic last name. He's probably on the short list for the VP nomination and it will be interesting to see if Obama or Clinton think they have to go with a white male to "balance things out."

Ronni Bennett

"And God bless the people who devote their lives to running the elevator. But staying in the elevator rather defeats its purpose."

Exactly. Well put. I've been feeling this for the longest time and not finding a way to express it.

My problem with Hillary is that she's an old-time pol, no different in terms of corporate allegiances and susceptibility to lobbyists than all the men who've been in Washington forever. And during her senatorship, she has been one of the top earmarks users to help reward her corporate sponsors.

There is no one in the presidential campaign who doesn't owe their soul to corporate America, so the best I can do is vote for someone who I think will throw the public a few bones. I don't trust Senator Clinton any more than I trusted her husband.

BTW: ""Assemblymember" (sounds like a build-your-own-dildo kit) Deborah Glick". Tee hee. Love it.

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