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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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A victory for the Dems will be short lived unless they do the very thing Bush & Co. refused to do - exercise power with humility. There is still a conservative undercurrent in this country. That is why Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress for nearly all of the last 12 years. If we devote the next two years to Congressional investigations of the administration, Americans will write off these years as "politics as usual" and the public will not be inclined to look to the Democrats to actually solve the nation's problems.
This country craves politicians who transcend politics. The first party to understand that will win not just the next election: it will win our trust.
Party leaders are partisans by the nature of what they must do to get to their posts. Harry Reid, for example, has out parried Bill Frist in the inside game of Senate maneuvering, despite holding a weaker position in terms of votes. As a Senate Majority Leader he doesn't have to stop being a Democrat to earn our trust. He simply has to put the good of the nation ahead of embarrassing and humiliating the very people who have been unfair to Democrats and less than candid with the American public when they had the upper hand. It requires something which has been sorely missing from political discourse in the era of Karl Rove, class.


W O R D. Magnificently said.

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