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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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I think you're exactly right.


Yes. Exactly right and eloquently put.

Irving Karchmar

Too true, unfortunately. A careful reading of the events show that after Iran sent 50 million dollars to Hamas, supposedly to help with its liquidity crisis, Hamas suddenly broke its truce and kidnapped the Israeli soldier, killing a few others. And Hezbollah, which gets its payroll and marching orders from Iran also, started an immediate assault to mimic Hamas and draw attention away from Iran's nuclear ambitions. Well, it seems that Hamas and Hezbollah are both puppet-stooges of Iran now, bought and paid for. Clearer heads in Israel and the US and EU already see this, of course. Actually there is an answer, but no one will take it seriously.
Forgive the past, and start an enterprise zone in Gaza and southern Lebanon. Make Israel and Palastine and the Bakka valley the Silicon and manufacturing center of the Middle East. Interdependent economies makes governments much less willing to fight each other for fear of loss of trade and taxes. This calls for a Marshall Plan for the area, with Israel and the US taking the lead. Actually, this will happen in a hundred years anyway, because mutual self-interest is the best way to avoid conflict, but now is the time to start.


"Forgive the past": many Arabs and other Muslims have no intention of doing that. Their identity and their power is based on clinging to and exploiting grievance.

That said, there must be many, many Arabs and Iranians who long to forgive and live.

Dave Schuler

amba, have you seen this cartoon?


I have now! Thanks!


Have you heard the phrase, You made your bed, now sleep in it? Israel's policies are coming back to haunt it. Enough with the noble withdrawal talk. Israel has created a refugee slum around them, and left Gaza with no way for the Palestinians to support themselves. Fruits rotted at the borders unable to get out. People are treated no better than cattle. "Collateral damage" amongst civilians when the technology targeting Hamas leaders for assasinations failed was never adequately acknowledged or compensated. Israel killed families for the crime of vacationing at the seashore on a hot day.

Then soldiers get kidnapped and killed. We are surprised at this.

All the money, all the effort expended in the past year to welcome the Lebanese people into the world of democracy... inneffectually destroyed in days. For what? That is what I ask. For what? Have your soldiers been returned? Will the foreign missles stop? Is Israel winning the hearts and minds of the Lebanese people to continue to build an alternative to Hezzbolah leadership? This is the same failure Israel has made in showing no support at all for Abbas' government either.

Irving had it right, but you are too stubborn or stupid to listen: "start an enterprise zone in Gaza and southern Lebanon." Short of mass slaughter of the Palestinians, which kills all of them, the problem is camped on Israel's doorstep, not going away. Israel under Sharon tried disengagement, and leadership by force. But Israel is still confronting the same problems -- it will not, and does not work. The Americans will not be providing back up support forever. Wake up now Israel. Stoking fear in others is no strategy, just like sonic booms over civilian populations truly do not "win" anything. Except maybe making a historically cowardly people believe they are strong and winning something? Funny cartoon. Laugh it up, but where will Israel's children and grandchildren be sleeping and who is currently making the beds they will be sleeping in??? A little self control goes a long way, and a thought out realistic strategy for peace -- with the dreaded concencessions my friends -- is the only thing that will help Israel now. I hope the leaders are not so dumb as to choose a Holocaust, rather than treat the countries around them as equal peace partners with legitimate grievances.


We are surprised at this ?


And how do you treat as "equal peace partners" entities that have vowed your destruction?

You tip your hand and invalidate your argument with your "historically cowardly people." You've got to be cleverer than that if you want people to believe that you actually have something substantive to say.

You totally confirm the correctness of my last two sentences.


this has to be one of the most assinine blog posts i've ever read.

at least say something original. the victimization complex that envelopes all israel defenders is pathetic. "well, we got bombed, so we have to kill them all. they're going to hate us anyways, so we might as well kill them all. etc." tired and pathetic.

sure, it keeps your own morale up, but it's dishonest and immoral.

it's like the murder of those palestinian beachgoers never even happened in your world. if the NYT implies and/or states explicitly that 'Israel is responding' to something, then that must be the case, because Israel can do no wrong. how pathetic. morally treasonable to all living/caring/decent beings.


oh - i forgot about Israel's kidnapping of the two Gazan civilians across the border into Israel - and then 'disappeared' them. in ambivaworld - it never happened, apparently.

there's one good thing to happen in this sadistic display of violence - the murder of the Palestine state, and several thousands of its people, at least, will work to erase the victimhood complex of Israel defenders.

'The Holocaust?', people will say. 'Which one?'


Israel has never said "Kill them all." That's more the Iranian, e.g., way.

Nor do people who defend Israel claim that "Israel can do no wrong." They point out that Israel is in a unique position among nations, surrounded by "neighbors" who indeed have vowed to "kill them all."

Apparently it isn't clear that the beach "bombing" even was that.

But there is no point in defending Israel against a priori Israel haters. Once again you simply prove my point.


"And how do you treat as "equal peace partners" entities that have vowed your destruction?"

Well, you've obviously got some work to do. They vowed your destruction, because they remember the days before big ole Israel moved into the neighborhood on an unclear title. Either compensate the people whose land was taken -- who still have proof the properties were theirs or let them back in. Treat them fairly and then tell me why they want Israel wiped off the map. As you know, the Arabs did not lose WWII. That was Germany who should have compensated and created a homeland for the Jews, not peaceful sheperds now raising their families in refugee camps. The more you let this fester, the worse off for Israel. Fear only goes so far in correcting injustices.

"Apparently it isn't clear that the beach "bombing" even was that." Denial amba. Denial sweets. One missing Israeli missle, being shot the same day and time. Independent experts (not Israel biased) saying the explosion came from above, not buried beneath the sand. Big whip -- Israeli doctors are saying the fragments did not come from their weaponry. Because Israel always admits even her honest errors, right? Open your eyes, Miss.

Newsflash: soldiers are targets in wars. If you go into Gaza and kill civilians intentionally by having no regard for their lives, yep, some of your soldiers are going to get killed and kidnapped. Fighting back... imagine that.

As for that last lousy line, Never Never Never will I lower myself to the human standards of decency that mark so many Israeli's today. Sickening what you are doing in the name of God. I remember times were bad like this before the stories of the First Saviour coming... gambling in the temples, no respect for Gods words and all. Keep cheering kids' deaths amba. Makes you feel big to be so feared, and you don't have to worry about what justice is coming for your (not my) people.

They point out that Israel is in a unique position among nations, surrounded by "neighbors" who indeed have vowed to "kill them all." Why amba why? If you always think everyone is out to get you (that is the underlying Jewish tradition on their holy days), you can't get along with neighbors anywhere. Until you learn to work within a group as part of a region -- none above the others -- you'll never be secure. Do you think anti-semitism is the reason for the Jew hating, or is it their actions that they never compensate for their errors and takings? Ask yourself why Israel can not exist independently, without outside US taxpayer help, in peace. Because of deniers like you, amba. Israel does not have clean hands in any of this, and guess what? Other cultures pursue justice too.

(maybe don't wait until your deathbed to take a mind trip, honey)


"You tip your hand and invalidate your argument with your "historically cowardly people.""

I truly believe that if the Jews earlier had not been so passive in getting on the trains, and had "fought back" then against the Holocaust, we would not be seeing such fierce and unproportional military actions now. This is make up, years too late, for past behavior; you're still fighting your father and grandfather's war.


"Israel has never said "Kill them all." "

Ok, if I buy this... what's the plan?

You've got millions of refugee's sitting at your doorstep, surrounding your country. If not to kill them all, what's your plan for their existence? You can't keep them caged forever; where is the plan to live beside your neighbors in peace?

(enterprise zone; hands off their exporting zones including sea and air ports) Once you're done feeling big about the killings and testing out the US supplied equipment, what is the plan for your neighborhood? Until your neighbors are fed and sheltered and have a way of making a living (as they did in the past before Israel moved into the neighborhood) and can take their families to the shore in peace, you got lots and lots o' work to do. Remember: destroying is the easy part. Rebuilding, making concessions, that is the part I don't think Israel is yet up to. She still sees here people as better than all others, to her own detriment, I fear. (another reason we are not all israeli's -- don't put me in that company. it's not such a preferential thing as you obviously think)


Irving had it right, but you are too stubborn or stupid to listen.

And playing the anti-semite card at that. Stupid


justify those sonic booms to me, amba. What are they achieving militarily?


Suggested reading: this and this (particularly the Jerusalem Post link).


This is the kind of thinking -- multifaceted, realistic, not shrieking or finger-pointing -- that will help halt hostilities and the death of innocents on both sides.


Israel is just trying to survive. It has not vowed to destroy any Muslim nations, but radical Muslims have vowed to destroy Israel.

Palestine was not a nation before Israel was created. The story of Israel and Palestine is long and complex, and it's impossible to be sure who was victimized the most.

Who told displaced Palestinians to hang around doing nothing but reproduce and feel sorry for themselves, anyway?

(I actually need to know more about exactly what happened -- why did the creation of tiny Israel supposedly destroy the lives of millions of Palestinians? That doesn't make a lot of sense).


Most Muslim nations in the area refused to absorb Palestinian refuges. Why aren't Palestinian sympathizers angry about that?

When Jews were thrown out of Muslim nations, they were absorbed by Israel. It would have been natural and rational for Muslim nations to act similarly, but most of them did not.

Almost every step of the way, Israel tried to accommodate (while protecting itself), but Arabs stubbornly refused.


Yeah. Real, it's utterly futile to argue with people who are predisposed to hate Israel. If it conformed to every one of their demands, they would just raise the bar.



Hey, no fair. Haaretz is being rational. More rational than a lot of Americans, and they're right in the middle of it.



Sorry for not being clear. Your point is the point I was trying to make.

I meant that the comments above mine were a little less clear and objective than Haaretz, which is, you're absolutely right, in the thick of it.



An editorial in The Nation says Israel's response has been, as usual, excessive. Do you think so?

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