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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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And that may only be the tip of the iceberg. Tucker Carlson had on a physics professor from BYU who apparently made a case for the theory that the WTC buildings were brought down . . . by bombs. An inside job as a pretext for invading another country?!! Oy.


Not that I think that's likely, mind you . . .


Surprise, surprise, more and more details of the Republican country-wide power grab are coming to light. All I'm hoping is that enough people wake up so that we can stop this Orwellian nightmare before it's too late.

They've reached into practically every area of government and the media. Frankly I don't think NPR or PBS are all that biased leftwards, and in fact I've heard presentations of some issues that sounded decidedly more favorable to the Right than they should have been (in my decidedly lefty opinion), and many issues unfavorable to the right that I consider important are not even mentioned.

The liberal media is no longer particularly liberal, and in many cases has been paid off to say what the Right wants us to hear.


It's funny you should say that the media-in some cases- is paid off by the Right, sleipner, when PBS is funded w/gov't $$$$ and is very Leftward leaning.

Also, it may be a tug 'o war, but the findings of the investigation deemed Thomlinson trying to bring balance- pulling toward fairness and maybe truth- as opposed to either Left or Right. Sounds like the Center, to me. Letting people come to their own conclusions, since PBS is so sure we can't for ourselves.

Out of curiosity- why is it so awful for the energy task force to meet w/oil companies-since that's where our energy comes from? Why do we always expect the worst from Cheney- couldn't he care for his country? Before his own pockets? Just Once?


Karen, I think he thinks the country IS in his own pocket.

Donna B.

Karen asks why it would be so bad for the energy task force to meet with oil companies. I ask if a viable national energy policy can possibly be made without information from oil companies.

Should it turn out that oil company execs were the only source of information for that task force, that would be bad. Equally bad would be environmental activists being the only source of information.

What's worse... what's always worse is covering up who was consulted, whether it's the oil companies covering it up or the government.


Exactly, Donna: if there's nothing wrong with it, why did they deny it and hush-hush it as recently as last week?! Arguing that environmentalists would misinterpret it is not convincing: are they that weak? What do they care what environmentalists say if they're on solid ground? Hiding something always suggests there's something to hide.

Elyas Bakhtiari

Not only should we ask why they would lie about it last week in front of Congress, but why was Senator Ted Stevens fighting tooth and nail to make sure they didn't have to swear in?

Mild Mannered Reporter

Good post. I agree that maybe PBS and NPR are trying too hard to get publicity on this issue. The idea that PBS and NPR are non-biased is absurd. They lean to the left. Everyone knows this, including the people at PBS and NPR. They are just being dishonest to suggest otherwise. Take care.


Karen, not having a TV I don't watch PBS so I can't really comment on it, but I do listen NPR for news and information when milking the cows. Personally I think NPR has more balance and more depth of news than any other news organization that I can get on the radio. You accuse them of being leftward which leads me to ask, so what if they are? I don't care that FOX is rightward. Does that make them less credible or something? They present both sides of stories and opinions in my view. And oh yeah, did you send in your pledge in the last fund drive? That we we can tell the government to keep their money.


The problem was not that the oil companies participated in the energy plan process, but that all of the other stakeholders, such as the environmentalists and the public were shut out of the process.

To me, that suggests they were discussing plans that heavily favor the oil companies, of which the rest of us would probably strongly disapprove. (Which if you look at the energy bills passed through Congress since 2001 is obviously the case) In addition, they deliberately prevented any of the subject matter from being discussed from being disclosed, despite the Freedom of Information Act.

The incursion of Tomlinson into PBS is a perfect example of how the Right is attempting to take over the news media. He basically attempted to get rid of or moderate any perceived leftward leaning shows, and tacked on several severely rightward tilted shows without making any restrictions on them. In addition, he tried to stack the board with as many right-leaning shills as he possibly could, so that future decisions would also favor the Republican agenda.

I can't recall the names offhand, but I've heard stories about other big media conglomerates that are owned by right-leaning people who have also been putting pressure on their news sources to be more favorable to the right wing.

Of course Fox News is always the poster-child of the Right's media agenda, almost all of their reporting buys into the Republican spin on reality, hook, line and sinker.


I don't watch much PBS, but I do sometimes look at the newshour. What is so leftist about getting leaders and experts to actually talk about things?

As for public radio what little I listen to non political.

I guess you to have tinky winky and bert and earnies homosexuality.


Alice... are you talking to me? Hey, Bert and Ernie were just friends. I grew up with that show- I love that show and do watch PBS- I just avoid the programs that make me angry at the bias. And I don't suspect my kids to believe anything other than Tinky-Winky giggles alot and carrys a huge purse.

I also listen to NPR. I don't care about the slant- I, as the conservative that I be- filter. I don't think everything is slanted there- the weather seems pretty accurate.

NO. I didn't give at the last fund drive- I give to my kids Catholic school which doesn't get gov't $$$$ due to it's religious slant.

That's ok. I don't need the *news* or *media* to be fair. I told Spud that I come to the blogs to get my news. I'm satisfied. He thinks I go to Anchoress for the *spin*, but maybe it's the anti-spin I need. W/amba, it's straight up- whether I like it or not.

I just have to learn to be more quiet and brief on the comments section :).


Karen said, " I just avoid the programs that make me angry at the bias." (Translation) I just avoid programs that have any criticism of the Bush administration.


Hey Karen, you should get the soundtrack for Avenue Q, which is a Broadway musical about the Sesame Street cast, years later after they all grew up & went their ways.

You probably wouldn't approve much, but there's a song that Ernie sings about Bert called "If you were gay" - Bert is a gay closet case in this show, singing about his girlfriend Alberta from Canada.

Also, the Trekkie Monster sings a song called "The Internet Is For Porn"


Ahhh, sooo. That's what happens when adults screw around w/a good thing- it changes the image and the meaning. I like it how I knew it as a kid- never growing up at all.

I don't know if I would approve or not- it sounds fun; I just don't think it's for kids to be focused on. Everyone has their perspective, I guess.


Spud, not just Bush. Repro control- which means restrictions on population. The torture issues. Lots of things I just don't need to be thinking of.


Avenue Q was definitely NOT written for kids...more for adults with twisted senses of humor that watched Sesame Street as kids ;)

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