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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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Exactly. The GOP and the religious right have figured ou how deeply asleep the electorate is. The irony of it all is that it's the entertainment industry, run for the most part by lefties, which has provided the sleeping potion...

Mike Broderick

I grew out of my Ayn Rand phase in my early 20s but it seems to me that some of her more dire (and I thought, overheated) predictions of the dumbing down of the populace and the celebration of mediocre conformity that she talked about in Atlas Shrugged are closer to the truth than I wanted to believe.

What kind of disaster will it take to get people to wake up and take a serious, critical look at what's happening right in front of them? A perhaps even more disturbing question, how many still retain the capacity for reasonable analysis?

Sometimes I think ignorance really is bliss. I really don't want to contemplate the political/economic/environmental train wreak that is headed our way and I hope when it comes it takes me out quickly and relatively painlessly (although I know it wont)

Unlike Atlas Shrugged, the thinking portion of the American populace doesn’t have some Rocky Mountain Shangri-la to fly off to. Were stuck with the mess the idiots are creating.


Which is why, if I lived here much longer, the Bird News would come to seem much more important and interesting than the World News.


P.S. Ally: the entertainment industry, while RUN by lefties, is more and more OWNED by conglomerates owned by righties.

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