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    This is the classic children's book, Goodenough Gismo, by Richmond I. Kelsey, published in 1948. Nearly unavailable in libraries and the collector's market, it is posted here with love as an "orphan work" so that it may be seen and appreciated -- and perhaps even republished, as it deserves to be. After you read this book, it won't surprise you to learn that Richmond Irwin Kelsey (1905-1987) was an accomplished artist, or that as Dick Kelsey, he was one of the great Disney art directors, breaking your heart with "Pinocchio," "Dumbo," and "Bambi."

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The diversity of topics on your blog never ceases to amaze me. I could cut all other forms of media out of my life except for AmbivaBlog and still have a rounded (though slightly odd) view of the world.

I loved this story but if those slime-mold beetle names were meant to honor or insult Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, I couldn't help but notice that the name Miller was present in ALL THREE of them! (Okay, I do realize that's because of entomologist Kelly Miller!)

What else can we name after this trio? New species of dust mites? cockroaches? vultures? auto-immunne deficiency viruses?

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